There is a happy addition to dj family on eve of dj Belena`s birthday, who doesn’t taking now an order on appearances. The official model of Playboy (USA) Ukrainian topless dj gives all of spare time to the Indian kitchen and creation of new star projects for some time past. Belena devoted to the producing and education of young receivers unloaded the dictate of ex-producer Kolbasechniy. And, after exotic and wayward topless dj Esskimo another topless Baby come into the world – dj Baby Face. But Belena isn`t going to stop on the birth of this twins, at once the newborns was  swaddled in party concept, christened as Test the West and sent to Poland. The tours of babies dj Esskimo and Baby Face passed in cities: Warsaw (club «Mirage»), Krakow (club «Epsilon»), Mielno (club «Senso»), Szczecin (club «Senso»), Legnica (club «Protector»). And there are no chances, that producer Belena will calm down thereon. The flame track «From now you are Pornstar» is preparing to the output.

So, this is scandalous as usual but how loudly and successfully, time will show.

Spring is a time of changes and reloadings. Just a such reloading came about the tour navigator of LaDJane company. Now a summer tour of Ukrainian girl DJs lies via Bodrum, Kemer, Antalia and Belek. A group of the best Mediterranean sea-coast’s hotels of Turkey made a contract about the regular dj parties from May till October 2011. Three contracting parties made this contract. One of these parties is BPM International company which is responsible for the organization all DJ parties. The second one is LaDJane company. This company represents the most popular Ukrainian girl DJs. And the third company is 6* Rixos Premium Hotel. A roster of artists will be represented by Dj duet Shah&Mat, Dj BabyFace, Dj Matahari and Djane Esskimo. A signing of the contract was marked by the unprecedented party for tourists from Iran in the eve of their national festive occasion with participation of sexy Dj duo Shah&Mat. Neither national nor political, not even religious differences didn’t prevent guests from the speaking on the same language. Music knows no bounds.

We would remind you that in the previous 2 seasons the permanent favourite of girl’s DJ on Rixos Premium hotels’ parties was glamour Dj Belena. And now the time of her younger sisters from the same field of activity has come. Topless Dj diva Belena will be expected in the best hotel of Turkey in the end of July on the party with Anda Adam.

So, the reloading of summer tour 2011 went through successfully. We wish you good luck, our tireless countrywomen!!

DJ Belena became a symbol of the capital of night life of Turkey

DJ Belena became a symbol of night life in Turkey

DJ Belena always was a frequent guest in the clubs of Bodrum and this year she became a sex-symbol of the capital of night life of Turkey. The streets of Bodrum cities are completely lined with billboards, citylights and other media advertisements featuring Ukrainian DJ Belena. Lots of t-shirts, mugs, calendars and other souvenirs with her image are bestsellers taken by happy tourist back home.

Belena at Apelsin

Belena in Tzar

Welcome to the Topless night with dj Belena in BarSky club!

To numerous fun’s requests DJ Belena decided to give everyone an opportunity to have her CD absolutely for free. Just donwload mix and than print the cover!

After great success in Germany DJ Belena fired in Switzerland. As a result laDJane agency signed contract with Madwallstreet, which has 5 clubs all over Switzerland. Photos are here.

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Dj Belena's extreme photosession in Kyiv

Dj Belena's extreme photosession on Khreschatik
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DJ Belena in official USA PlayBoy September magazine

DJ Belena in official USA PlayBoy September magazine
With pride and with the great pleasure we are informing You that Track lists with favorite 7 songs of topless DJ Belena are printed in official USA PlayBoy September magazine. We express huge gratitude to our friends and partners in USA and personally to Josh Robertson.


belena mix   Belena in da Mix

I'm coming off [Ya konchayu]