Happy updating

There is a happy addition to dj family on eve of dj Belena`s birthday, who doesn’t taking now an order on appearances. The official model of Playboy (USA) Ukrainian topless dj gives all of spare time to the Indian kitchen and creation of new star projects for some time past. Belena devoted to the producing and education of young receivers unloaded the dictate of ex-producer Kolbasechniy. And, after exotic and wayward topless dj Esskimo another topless Baby come into the world – dj Baby Face. But Belena isn`t going to stop on the birth of this twins, at once the newborns was  swaddled in party concept, christened as Test the West and sent to Poland. The tours of babies dj Esskimo and Baby Face passed in cities: Warsaw (club «Mirage»), Krakow (club «Epsilon»), Mielno (club «Senso»), Szczecin (club «Senso»), Legnica (club «Protector»). And there are no chances, that producer Belena will calm down thereon. The flame track «From now you are Pornstar» is preparing to the output.

So, this is scandalous as usual but how loudly and successfully, time will show.

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