The project started in the spring of 2007 on the basis of night club Riviera + (Matrix-Yalta) and show of the X-zone theatre. In creation took part Dr. Kolbasechniy, Dj Happy Poul, Dj Stas, DjNasty-Nice Remixer studio, K.Zharkova.

Prompt launch in Moscow in the winter 2007-2008 with support of XXDJs, A. Anreasian to the level of recognised leaders of girls-dj of Russia, such as Benzina, dj Eliss Sexton, dj Dools and quite deserved resonance in Moscow and Almaaty and triumphal returning to the clubs of Ukraine.

The first topless DJ of Ukraine, played the set on radio KissFm with simultaneous translation of her erotic show online.

She has 2 styles: BElectro house and Retro Vandalizm.

For today BeLeNa’s is a 2-hour extravagant erotic show with not ordinary musical decisions, interactive scenic courses with optional personal laser show and topless GoGo support.