“I’m coming” is finally released in English! Download pop & club versions!

New Year’s Fest in Antalia became a tour and started the score of 2009 sets!
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Belena’s new mix came off! Download I’m coming off [ya konchayu]

DJ Belena became a headliner of laDJane- record label and extravaganza erotic DJane community.

In the september number of Play Boy (USA) in “Best Russian girls DJs” will be the page with Belena’s photo session & Favourite songs list.

This summer Belena is going to be the first girl Dj who’d played the set upside down!

Don’t forget to поколбаситься по русскоязычному сайту.

Design-studio Drug made a super-puper site for us!

Dj Belena's extreme photosession in Kyiv

Dj Belena's extreme photosession on Khreschatik
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DJ Belena in official USA PlayBoy September magazine

DJ Belena in official USA PlayBoy September magazine
With pride and with the great pleasure we are informing You that Track lists with favorite 7 songs of topless DJ Belena are printed in official USA PlayBoy September magazine. We express huge gratitude to our friends and partners in USA and personally to Josh Robertson.


belena mix   Belena in da Mix

I'm coming off [Ya konchayu]